Eat before you’re hungry…. drink before you’re thirsty!


Short and sweet post before I head out for my ride down to LA. One of the biggest lessons I have learned over my last 5 months of training is this: eat before you are hungry, drink before you are thirsty. DUH! Yes, it seems like a no brainer but when life gets busy, training gets longer, and you get lazy, this simple rule gets pushed to the back burner. I alway stress to my clients and in my seminars to not let more than 5 hours pass between meals and snacks. We have all skipped meals here and there and have gotten through the day and been just fine. However, throw in hours of intense exercise whether that be endurance, strength, or cross training, that 5 hour period becomes extremely important. I experienced something called "bonking" for the first time a couple of weeks ago, basically my blood sugar dropped during endurance training, and my the time I realized it (had symptoms) it was already too late. I could dump all the bars, chews, and gus down my throat and it would still take a good hour before the symptoms of headache and fatigue dissipated. Bottom line, don't wait until its too late! Plus, your friends will appreciate your blood sugar consistency since other symptoms may include EXTREME crankiness!

So lesson learned… Eat and drink (water that is) … before you feel hungry and thirsty, it'll be a life saver.

A quick shout out to my Crossfit Milpits Fam… good luck at the Regionals!

And to my AIDS/Lifecyle riders, see you all bright and early to conquer this 7 day adventure! And congratulations to the organizations for being the largest fundraiser for HIV/AIDS in the ENTIRE WORLD!


Ritu Riyat


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