Vitamin L … Are you getting enough of it?


Vitamin L-1 

Valentine's day is just around the corner and stores are geared up to make a buck or two off the hearts, chocolates, cards, roses and every commercialized representation of the hallmark holiday you can imagine. Some people patiently await this day others dread and many just think it's overly commercialized. Regardless of how you are giving it attention, this holiday is popular! Why? Because, it delivers one of the most powerful natural nourishing agents that exists- Vitamin L. Yah yah, I know it sounds corny, but it's the truth. The 4 letter word we call LOVE can be the key to achieving your heaviest lift, running your fastest marathon, and even losing those extra 5lbs.

3 things sparked me writing this post, and lead me to believe there is truth to Vitamin L. 1. I was reading "Born to Run" in which Christopher McDougall describes the passion and pure joy expressed by the Tarahumara Indians while they are running. This self love existed all the time in their lives. They didn't run to win or to compete, they ran out of love for running, because there was no attachment to the results they poured their heart into the sport and broke records. 2. Vitamin L was mentioned in a Nutrition lecture I was listening to, at first I laughed at the idea of it, and then it got me thinking. 3. A fellow crossfitter was telling me that she has noticed a spike in her strength, it came out of no where, not much changed in terms of training and diet, however she does have new beau… hmm.

Vitamin L is not about being the next Brangelina; it's about having healthy and supportive relationships and comes in many forms. It could be the discipline for self care, the romantic love between two people, the love for pets, the love between friends and family, and most importantly the love for oneself. Nourishment is more than the food we eat to fuel our body; it is also the food we take in to fuel our minds and souls. Love is one of those super foods that can help you look, feel, and perform better and lead to a healthier, happier life.

So guys and gals as you rack your brain trying to figure out what to get your beau this Monday, maybe just give the gift of a little TLC and LOVE and help them achieve their goals. If you are riding solo this year, even better, work on having some compassion and love for yourself. AND if you are so inclined offer this gift on a daily basis rather than once a year. This is one vitamin you WANT to OD on because the side effects can be amazing.

How are you getting some Vitamin L? I get my dose at Yoga! Post to comments…



Ritu Riyat

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