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6 months of training, endless hours in silence, and umpteenth lessons later… it’s here… the AIDS ride… 7 days, 545 miles, in an effort to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS. A disease that is now being categorized as “chronic” with the rate of new infections and related deaths stabilizing and slowly declining, still appx 34 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS, not to mention those that are not accounted for. Awareness and education is as important now as it was in the 90‘s.

Tomorrow I’ll be riding out of the cow palace with thousands of others riders and roadies to make my way to Los Angeles. Having done this last year for the first time I am a million times more calm this year, I haven’t even packed yet! There is something about knowing what to expect (in general) that eases the mind. I know the route, I know the camping situation, and I know my body’s limitations on the bike but life would be boring without any unknowns. Is it going to rain on the ride? Am I going to get a flat? Is day 2‘s extended mileage going to be brutal?! Guess I’ll find out.

Here’s the route:


I have come a long way since the novice cyclist last year, upgrading from “hot rod” a 15 year old, 7 speed trek bike to “Miss Diva” a sleek sexy carbon fiber speed machine, riding the brakes to riding the road on downhills, and going from lulu to spandex (luckily lulu is soon launching a cycling line!).

It’s not just about the ride it’s about looking GOOD on the ride. My new helmet and shades:

And the observer,  Go Pro (hope it works)


Follow me on the ride via twitter @nutritionize #alc11

I’ll report back in a week!


ride on and nutritionize!

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