Movie Watch: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead



These days you can’t turn a corner without “health and wellness” in your face, I personally find it to be a pleasant reminder of the undeniable health crisis we are facing. There are a million movies in my Netflix queue related to the topic awaiting to be played, I finally checked off one this weekend. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a documentary about a young Aussie’s quest to break free from the pill box and heal himself with healthy food.

There are parts of this movie that I loved, especially that comic cartoons and basic education around the evolution of man from the hunter and gatherer days, however there are parts that also unnerved me particularly that this guy’s quest included a 60 day juice fast. I am an advocate of intermittent/ short term fasting to give your digestive system a break BUT 60 DAYS?! Ehh… not something I would recommend to the average Joe. Unless you are equipped with infinite willpower, being living off of juices in a demanding society where people are tied to their desks and then attempt to get a quick workout in, is nearly impossible! I’d much rather see someone transform their relationship with food and make wiser choices than depriving themselves.

All in all the message of taking control of your health was empowering. It was a great watch and wasn’t boring and dry like some of these documentaries can be. If you have an extra an hour or two on hand then check it out.

What nutritional movies have you watched? Post to comments….



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