Guest Post: 5 Mindful Lessons from our Primal Roots

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Eric Hulse, CHHC. He talks about a subject near and dear to me, being mindful! Enjoy…

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In todays modern era, it is so easy to get distracted by every new advertisement that – wants to change you into someone else, gadget – that will promise you the world, or quick fix – that won’t live up to their name.

We get lost “living” our busy lives, that we loose track of where we came from, our roots. Primal roots that were built on loving relationships, honoring nature, and appreciating simplicity. We were more mindful of our bodies, our food, and our environment.

Now, although I would not want to live as a caveman, dodging T-Rex’s or wearing bones for jewelry, I surely am grateful of these 5 mindful lesson they have pasted down to us.


1. Go for a walk

It’s safe to say that our primal ancestors didn’t stroll around in fancy cars or ride down town on a rad skateboard. When they needed to relocate or hunt for food, they connected their feet to the earth and walked.

Walking is not only an easy way to increase the amount of exercise into our day, it’s a way to clear our minds and come back to the present.

When you walk, take notice of your feet hitting the ground, the warmth of the sun on your face, and the beauty of the trees swaying in the breeze. Focus on your in breathe and out breathe, soften your gaze, and smile.


2. Hangout in Nature

It’s easy to hangout in nature when your home is in a cave or a tree. But nowadays we live in big houses and work in stuffy, dark offices. Some people barely see sunshine let alone a tree. Hanging out in nature simply gets us back in touch with our reality. One that’s filled with the beauty of a flower or sweet sound of a bird.

Something magical things happens when you spend time surrounded by trees and wildlife. A part of your soul that’s been missing returns and you’re able to feel whole again.

You’re able to notice the lessons that nature has set out to teach us.

To be strong when you’ve been harmed.

To forgive and continue to grow.

And to continue to be beautiful when you’re overlooked.


3. Eat with Intention

When you don’t know when you’re next meal is coming. Or have to risk your life spearing down wild game, you’re going to treat your food like gold! Yummy, meaty goal!

Food back then was fresh, free of toxins, and filled with nutrients. That can not be said for the majority of the food out there today.  If it doesn’t grow from the ground or spend most of its life roaming free, I’d stay away from it! Being mindful for what you’re eating is just as important of being mindful of how you’re eating.

Do you eat on the run or while watching t.v.(especially the news)? Do you eat standing up at your desk? Are you chewing properly? Do you take the time to taste your food and savor the flavor?

All of the above will harm your digestion and keep you detached from your food.

When this happens, we get sick and move further away from our true nature which is to eat with enjoyment, loving company, and gratitude.

4. Bond with your Tribe

Bonding with others was imperative to survival when there were free roaming carnivorous animals behind every corner and shelter to build in order to brace the weather. They literally had to stick together in order to ensure they could see the next day.

It seems, as much as technology has brought us together, it has equally drawn us apart. We mindlessly search Facebook, play electronic games, and write emails all day long, never really creating a real bond with another human.

Spending time with those you love and respect, that allows you to truly connect to one another, will in how you bond with your “tribe”. This can be done by listening compassionately to your partner after a long days work. Playing with your kids and staying in the moment, not at the office. Shutting off the t.v. and having a meaningful conversation.

Seriously, a caveman can do it!

5. Show Gratitude 

Imagine a world with no instant gratification or quick fixes. Harsh right? Well, our Neanderthal brothers and sisters thrived in a world with no supermarkets, internet, iphones, or magic pills. They worked hard for what they wanted because working hard was the norm.  There lives were simple and they appreciated small victories and most importantly one another. Being mindful for what you have in life is the first step to being grateful.

I hope this short lesson about mindfulness can bring you back in contact with your true primal nature. Remember to walk in nature, eat with intention, and be grateful for those in your life!

Thanks for your words of wisdom Eric!!!



About the author 

Eric Hulse is a Holistic Health and LIfestyle Coach and graduate of both the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the C.H.E.K. Institute. He works to inspire others through his words and actions to live each day better then the last. His approach to wellness focuses on our primal needs to eat REAL, NUTRITIOUS foods, create LOVING bonds with others, and to reduce stress through daily EXERCISE and SLEEP.


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