Be Creative.

When it comes to nourishing our bodies and mind the first things we often focus on is physical activity and nutrtition, although these are pivotal in our wellbeing they tend to be attention hogs leaving no room to consider other more subtle areas which can play a big role as well. It’s kinda like the 80/20 rule – the key is to find and work on those 20% areas which bear 80% of the fruit. One of these 20% areas is “creativity”. Remember when you were a kid and sticking your hands in paint and making a masterpiece on the wall was the most fulfilling thing ever?! Well, I want you to go back to that place… I want you to be creative and express it! Creativity and self expression does wanders for the body and mind, it relieves stress, it puts a smile on the face, and gets you connected with one the most important people ever – YOU! But, before you go ruining you walls, consider taking your hand to a canvas board, you never know you might the next Picasso!

Here is a list of 10 ideas to express your creativity:

(by Alicia Benjamin, Me You Health)  

1. Write down what you see throughout the day that you appreciate. It could be anything, like falling snow, a father and daughter holding hands, a funny video you shared with a friend.
2. Challenge yourself to a week- or month-long photo-capturing challenge. Snap photos with your smartphone or camera around a certain theme, like nature or music.
3. Reinvent a family recipe, or learn to make a new dish, for your next family gathering.  
4. Add color to an outfit by knitting a scarf, or make your own necklace with bright-colored beads.
5. Look through your photo albums and pick out photos to frame and hang around your home or office.
6. Hum a tune. Make it up as you go along.
7. Get into the groove. Turn on some upbeat music and dance, or take guitar or piano lessons.  
8. Use your imagination to make up a fun game like Calvinball that you can play with your kids.
9. Make a vision board for 2012 with images and words that help you define a big goal you want to achieve.
10. Take time to doodle. Spend a few minutes at work and home with a blank piece of paper and a pen. 

How do you express your creativity? Post to comments..


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