Ritu’s Story

My name is Ritu (ree-thu), a Sanskrit word meaning the “changing of the seasons”.  I truly am my namesake, as you read my blog you will see that my philosophy is deeply embedded in constant change. There is no one size fits all approach to health and wellness.  I am always experimenting, observing and tweaking my diet and lifestyle based on what my body tells me (yes my body talks to me, yours does too) and what works for me.  So let’s get personal, here’s a little insight into me.

I am a public health specialist, a health advocate, a runner, a yogini, a crossfitter, a bad ass novice cyclist, a writer, a philanthropist, a designista, a wineista, clothes and heels junkie, a girl with indian roots and a curious world traveler…


But really I am a human (like you), a primal woman on a journey… a journey to find balance through food, movement and mediation.  {welcome aboard… the more the merrier}

“Everyone everywhere has a story and if you are willing to listen they are willing to share. Our stories are deeply intertwined with our wellbeing and each other’s wellbeing. Every person that crosses my path adds to my story, another clue to the puzzle we call life. I continue to enjoy every moment of this adventure and grow through my experiences.”

Want to know the more about the abc’s behind my name? Click here to get the scoop on my background and credentials.






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Ritu Riyat is an applied yoga and mindfulness expert. She equips her clients with tools to reconnect with their bodies, eliminate stress, and make more informed decisions about their health and well being.

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